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Education Consulting Services

We are dedicated to helping children achieve their educational goals by providing expert guidance and personalised training throughout the admissions process for Hong Kong kindergartens and primary schools. We recognise that every student is unique, and we work closely with families to understand their specific aims and requirements. Our experienced consultants and educators have a comprehensive understanding of the school admissions process in Hong Kong and are committed to helping students maximise their chances of success.

We are here to support families and ensure a smooth application journey. Contact us to learn more about our education consulting services.

Free consultation

Our “Ace It Admissions” package is designed to assist both local and overseas students in confidently navigating the school application process for local and international schools in Hong Kong.

  • We offer a free consultation session where parents can gain a better understanding of the local and international schools available in Hong Kong, while our consultants can familiarise themselves with the educational goals of the parents and students.
  • From there, we collaborate with the families to tackle the entire application process until its completion. This includes working hand in hand with parents and students to craft impactful essays and portfolios that showcase students’ unique qualities and experiences. With our expertise, we help students communicate their strengths and aspirations to schools through their applications.

CLASS SIZE: Private classes or small group classes (2-6 students)

DURATION:1 hour / class

Our “Impressive Interviews” programme focuses on interview training, an essential component of the admissions process.

We aim to help students excel in the competitive school assessment process through practice and preparation. Each class follows a tailored lesson plan that covers three key areas of training: academics, etiquette, and motor skills.

  • Academics: We create a tailored curriculum for each student based on targeted school assessments, including storytelling, participating in listening exercises and demonstrating logical thinking. The students will practice a wide range of potential assessment interview questions to help them excel at the interview.
  • Etiquette: We teach students essential etiquette in an interview setting, including appropriate eye-contact, mannerisms and greetings.
  • Motor Skills: We focus on enhancing students’ motor skills, such as pencil control, colouring, cutting and tracing.

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