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Parent Feedback

E started with Ms Dorothy just as he began his K1 year, with very little phonetic background. One year later and he is able to read simple passages on his own. Not only is he now able to enjoy reading, he is also learning to spell by himself and he can write simple sentences which has far exceeded my expectations of what a 4.5 year old can achieve. Above all, he has fun at every class and looks forward to his weekly sessions. Thank you Mini Miracles!

Mrs. Chan

My daughter Adelynn has been taking classes with Miss Dorothy for more than a year. I am impressed by how much she has improved and so proud of how she can read out words while we are on the street now and she can even read my text messages (haha). Thanks so much for your patience and understanding Miss Dorothy! ❤️

Mrs. Tong

We are always grateful to Ms. Coeli for shaping such a strong English foundation in phonics and grammar for our son and daughter, who both started taking lessons with her since kindergarten. Like any parents, I want to know that my children are in good hands. Coeli’s patience and diligence is second to none, and I trust that she can provide the best training for my children.

Mrs. Wong

Truly appreciated the patience and efforts Ms. Dorothy spent on Katrina these years. Ms. Dorothy always saw something in Katrina that I didn’t see in her and she will use her skills to interest Katrina in learning phonics. Katrina enjoyed the time in Ms.Dorothy's classes so much since she was 2.5 years old.

Mrs. Lui

I would like to express my gratitude for Miss Coeli’s professionalism. She made my daughter engaged during lessons and made her want to explore the English language. She is patient and kind to the kids. Thank you Miss Coeli!

Mrs. Chu

Enoch enjoys every class of Ms Coeli. Ms Coeli is very encouraging. Her lessons are fun, innovative and structured with clear learning objectives. She also provides regular feedback to parents. Thank you again for all the wonderful work Ms Coeli has done to give Enoch a solid English foundation.

Mrs. Mak

My daughter has joined Mini Miracles over a year and she enjoys a lot learning phonics & English here! I also witness her huge improvement and being confident in using English. I am glad to enroll her in Mini Miracles!

Mrs. Ng

I am so grateful that we met Miss Coeli. She make English easy and funny to my daughter. And now she is able to read books by herself already.

Mrs. Yam

We would like to thank Ms. Dorothy's patience and kindness to Linus - "Ms. Dorothy has accompanied Linus all along throughout his very early literary journey for the past 18 months. From writing his first alphabet to spelling his longest ever 13-alphabet word "metamorphosis"; from reading short sentences to writing his stories, we are grateful for Ms. Dorothy's kind but firm guidance to Linus. Great teachers of toddlers are a rare species, Ms. Dorothy is very talented in dealing with the little ones. She has also offered us practical advice and inspirations on ways to boost Linus's learning motivation based on his temperament. We are happy that Linus is in Ms. Dorothy's effective hands.

Mrs. Woo

My daughter joined Mini Miracles over two years now. Her progress has accelerated beyond my expectations. Each lesson is well structured and planned by the teachers. The teachers are very experienced and patience. I would not think twice to recommend to anyone who is interested to sign up with Mini Miracles.

Mrs. Lau

It’s our great pleasure to see Jamian growing her confidence and competency in phonics with Miss Dorothy. She enjoys going to class and always comes home with a big smile sharing what she learned. We very much look forward to her next milestone achieved at Mini Miracles.

Mrs. Lau

Mini Miracles for us is actually Mega Miracles! Both of our girls are blossoming with Dorothy and Coeli! Dorothy has been teaching our girls for years and they have established strong foundations in English. These have helped them further their studies and also establishing their reading interests. We are truly grateful to the miracles that Dorothy brings to us! Thank you!!

Mr. Wong

Miss Coeli is very passionate about teaching and patient with young children. My daughter joined Miss Coeli's class since 5yo, her vocab has expanded tremendously and she enjoys expressing her thoughts and feelings in writing. The learning journey was quite challenging at the beginning but Miss Coeli provided encouraging and supportive guidance to motivate learning. My daughter really enjoys attending Miss Coeli's class.

Mrs. Mak

My girl enjoys Miss Dorothy’s lessons a lot! Miss Dorothy truly cares about her students. My girl is excited to have lessons with Miss Dorothy every time. She loves to learn more about writing upon Miss Dorothy’s class. Miss Dorothy really does share her enthusiasm in teaching!

Mrs. Wu

Asher has been taught by Miss Coeli since he was 3 years old. Miss Coeli teaches phonics through these short and catchy jingles which makes the rules fun and easy to remember. During these two years he went from just knowing the alphabet to becoming a proficient reader who enjoys independent reading. At five and a half, he favourite books are “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Fing” by David Walliams to name a few. Thank you Miss Coeli for her patience and kindness. I can’t wait for my younger one to start phonics class soon!

Mrs. Au