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SMALL CLASS SIZE (2-6 students for group classes)

DURATION:PN and K1 students:45 minutes / class | K2 and K3 students:1 hour / class

Phonics is a method of instruction that helps children learn the alphabetic principle. Based on our founders’ extensive teaching experience, the “Phonics Phun” programme was developed to help students master the skills of reading, spelling and writing in a fun, interactive and effective manner.

By incorporating stories, songs and personalisation, our structured programme allows students to easily understand the sounds of different alphabetical letters and letter groups. In our classes, we apply sound and visual techniques to develop our students’ ability to identify and use phonemes.

1. Blooming Buds (Introductory) >

“Blooming Buds” is suitable for students who can recognise a majority of the uppercase alphabet letters.

Students will learn the sounds of the alphabet letters and practice identifying the beginning sounds of words. Students will also practice tracing and writing lowercase letters.

2. Blossom (Beginner) >

“Blossom” is suitable for students familiar with identifying the beginning sounds of words.

Students will learn how to decode and blend short-vowel words. Through the introduction of word families, students will learn how to read and spell CVC, CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC words.

3. Buttercup (Intermediate) >

“Buttercup” is suitable for students who have grasped the ability to read and spell short-vowel words.

Students will learn special sounds, which is key to enriching their vocabulary. We will employ symbol imagery to help students recognise sight words, and students will practice reading short passages and stories. Students will also be encouraged to communicate their ideas through writing simple sentences.

4. Bluebell (Advanced) >

“Bluebell” is suitable for students who have an understanding of preliminary special sounds.

Students will learn advanced special sounds, and will become independent readers and confident spellers. We have a strong emphasis on our students’ ability to translate and apply their knowledge acquired so far into short writing pieces. As such, we incorporate writing practices, such as composing stories and letters, to help students pave way for their next stage of development.

SMALL CLASS SIZE (2-6 students for group classes)

DURATION:1-1.5 hours / class

“Groovy Grammar & Awesome Authors” is a grammar, reading and writing programme designed to help students deepen their knowledge of grammar concepts, further their reading comprehension skills such as inference and deduction, and to communicate effectively through the correct usage of grammar in their writing.

Students will learn how to write in an articulate manner by applying different grammar concepts and their creativity. We will introduce various types of writing, including descriptive writing, narrative writing, persuasive writing, review writing and subjective writing. Students will practice how to generate, communicate and elaborate on their ideas through engaging discussions and writing activities.

CLASS SIZE: Private classes or small group classes (2-6 students)

DURATION: 1 hour / class

Proficiency in English and strong communication skills play a pivotal role in every aspect of life. The ability to communicate effectively with others have a profound impact on a child’s confidence, development and future success.

“Splendid Speech” is a speech programme designed for students aged 3.5 and above. At the heart of our programme lies a personalised curriculum tailored to each student’s English level. We understand that every child is unique, and we provide constructive feedback to meet their individual needs and goals.

By participating in interactive exercises, students will learn to express their ideas with clarity and rigour. Our experienced instructors create a nurturing and stimulating environment where students can express themselves comfortably, learn to be great storytellers and boost their self-confidence.

Through a diverse range of subjects, we introduce students to captivating themes that broaden their knowledge and expand their vocabulary. By connecting language learning to real-world contexts, we empower students to apply their newfound vocabulary in everyday conversations.

We also place a strong emphasis on articulation and enunciation. Our instructors utilise techniques to help students pronounce words correctly and provide engaging activities for students to practice their pronunciation.

Through role-place activities, we encourage students to experiment with tone and expression, so students can effectively convey different emotions and meanings.

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