Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements

Alisha Chu – My Goldfish
Bella Sum – I Am A Frog
Bow Wun Sun – I Am a Frog
Catalina Bow – The Magic Turtle
Charis Ng – The Amusement Park
Dan Long – Bull
Enzo Leung – The Hares
Everett Chan – The Honey Bees
Hannah Wong – I Am A Frog
Jamian Lau – The Great Performance
Jasmine Lee – My Birthday Gift
Jasmine Wong – A Stormy Day
Katrina Lui – The Cat
Maurice’s Secret Alien
Theo Tan – My Fish Tank
Trinity Chan – If I Join the Circus
Tyra Kwan – The Cat
Vanessa Chu – I Am A Frog
Wang Wen Hao – My Fish Tank



Primary School “Educate”


Ace Education