Designed and built with care, filled with creative elements

Enzo’s Secret Alien
Adelaide’s Secret Alien
Celine’s Secret Alien
Scarlett Zheng – Road Safety
Jasmine Au Yeung – Which one is scarier Bees or Spiders
Charlotte Yam – Which one is scarier Bees or Spiders
Andre Fung – A Stormy Day
Asher Au – Helping at Home
Aidan Yiu – Helping at Home
Hannah Tang – At the Amusement Park
Marcus Cao – A Mysterious Box
Brendan So – Our Class Pet
Nathan Lau – Our Class Pet
Darren Cheng – Our Class Pet
Adelynn Tong – Our Class Pet
Skylar Tung – Our Class Pet
Charlotte Yam – My Secret Alien
Gladys Kwong – My Secret Alien



Primary School “Educate”


Ace Education